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Capturing Emotions Through Photography

Cecilia Cletus, a Sandakan born SinoKadazan. She left her medical degree education to pursue her passion in Photography. She specialises in editorial and portraits photography.

TE : What sparked your interest in photography?

CC : Before venturing in photography, I did a lot of collaboration with other photographers. My interest in photography sparked from there. Instead of being the supporter or subject, I want to be the one behind the lens. My cousins are doing videography and photography as well, they are the ones who mainly influenced me into photography. I am also inspired by other photographers and I want to do what they are doing too.

(Image: Cecilia focusing at work.)

TE : Being one of the few female photographers in Sabah, please share your difficulties?

CC : It is mostly the guys who’re more into photography usually. Being a lady, there’s always doubts. I want to change the mindset and mentality of these, but for now, I am privileged that everyone I had approached were really supportive of me. The pros is, it is easier to approach a female talent for a collaboration, sometimes they will feel uncomfortable shooting with male photographer.

TE : How do you arrange your time as a photography?

CC : I have several photoshoots in a week. For collaboration work, I will work depend on my mood and time. But for clients who are paying, I have to commit and submit to it before due date. Photography is a way for me to express myself.

TE : Who is your target market and how do you find these people?

CC : I enjoy taking good pictures from all different backgrounds and racial. I would like to take pictures of people with vertiligo, albinism and etc. These kind of people have low self esteem because of the way they are being treated. I want to break the stigma among our community and to tell stories through my pictures.

TE : Anything to share with our readers?

CC : Go out of your comfort zone, because great things come when you are out of your comfort zone. Don't be shy to approach people. Meet new people, ask as many questions possible. Youtube will be your great tutor. Nowadays, you do not need to have degree in arts or photography, but with good mentors and the Internet, you can develop your skills.


Breaking the stigma and telling stories through my pictures.

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