How not to worry.

Anxiety is preventing you from being happy and contented in life, you need to loosen up and learn to enjoy your life in the simplest way. Let me put it this way, there are two main types of worries, healthy worry and unhealthy worry. We often survive and thrive through healthy worry, preventing us to be in trouble and avoiding mental illness. But unhealthy worry take place when your protective instinct become over-stimulated and triggering excessive stress/tension where there should not be any. If you think your misfortune has been caused by a mistake or just bad luck, you probably have your worrying under control. But if you are starting to doubt if this is going to make your life even more difficult, then you are going towards unhealthy patterns.

Here is a few steps that I would like to share to free your mind.

  • Stay in the moment - whatever is making you anxious is not going to happen all at once. If you have something really stressful or uncomfortable to do, take it one at a time.

  • Plan for the worst - once you have prepared yourself for the worst-case scenario, it is all you can do for now and so just let it go.

  • Socialising and talking it over - may help you too, have a chat with a sensible friend or family member if you can. Otherwise, seek professional help from experienced people in your network.

  • Go for a walk or get your bike out - it stops you thinking so much and make you feel good. Always try to find your balance by doing something you like to do when you have the extra time or need to.

The best way to deal with worry is to have a talk with the inner you. Look inside yourself to find the source of your anxiety then try to free your mind, slowly you will find yourself with a stronger mental standard where you know how to control and keep your worrying at a healthier level.

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