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Final Year Medical Student

Name 5 things that are essential for your travel?

1. A backpack and a sling/pouch bag of suitable size. A suitable backpack size for me is 40L-60L. A sling/pouch bag is useful to keep important documents within easy reach as well as for storing little things you may come during shopping and sightseeing. It’s smaller size makes it a lot easier to carry so that you can leave your backpack behind without a worry.

2. Gadgets (mobile phone, GoPro, power bank, universal adapter)

3. Books (to kill time during long-haul flights or bus rides).

4. A sleeping bag (very useful for when you need to sleep in the airport/train station).

5. Extra cash or debit card (in case of an emergency).

Do you have any tips to share with people that want to travel?

Firstly, you don’t always need to have a big budget to go travelling, what you need to do is plan well. During my travel, I prefer using backpacks, staying in hostels, compare prices to get the lowest flight tickets and use public transportations as I find these make my travelling lighter, cheaper and more adventurous. Other things I do to save money include not always buying a sim card whenever I travel solo, I solely rely on WiFi already provided by the hostels I'm staying at and I avoid using taxis. Instead, I opt for public transportations instead.

I would also like to share some of the ‘must have apps’ I use while travelling such as (an offline map application), Google Translate (also works offline to help me translate), Skyscanner (to find cheap flights), and (to book your accommodations). I don’t prefer Couchsurfing as they are not always located within the city centre and the extra cost will add up when travelling to their places.

Additional to what I have listed, don’t forget to try the local food and delicacies at your travel destination. Cevapi in Bosnia, souvlaki in Greece, pasta and lasagna in Italy, lamb biryani and lamb satay in Kashmir, Baeza & hand pulled noodles (lamian) in China and nasi ayam penyet in Indonesia are some of my personal favourites.

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