Stay Focused - Tecky Chong

Eng Teck Chong

System & Network Engineer

TE: Tell us about yourself.

T: I would start with the word "complicated". My journey was as complicated as my current work - System and Network Engineer. Lots of obstacles which I believe we all have our own hard times. I got my first computer in 1998 when I was 15 years old and that was where I found interest in the computing world.

TE: Tell us what was the first point of interest you that reached you?

T: I was packed with curiosity on this simple question "Why do we need or want to buy a personal computer?" It was windows 98 that I can not keep my hands off when I first got it. In my high school days, I was again attracted to the digital networking world, amazed on how magical it can be to be connected locally or globally. I insisted to pursue this line of study but was surrounded by friends and family members that are over protective for my future, they were worried that it is too new for the coming years and job opportunities can be a problem. However, knowing it may be a riskier path, I decided to keep my focus on track and went for computing courses.

TE: So, did you made the right decision?

T: Yes it was the right decision for staying focused and went for computing course. After entering College and University as a network engineering student, I discovered networking and linking hardware is an extreme complicated process yet powerful. This made me even more interested and sparked my passion to learn more on networking.

TE: What are your views on the information technology industry in the coming years?

T: We can notice there is a need for these softwares or hardwares in the market now, more corporates are in need of these support to manage and keep their system efficient. There is also a need for consumers to understand the available products out there that may be a good investment for their businesses.

photos by Kevin Pang

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