Life as a medical student - Jiun Yan.

Dr. Tan Jiun Yan

Junior Medical Officer

TE: Tell us about yourself.

JY: I am from a small family of four. I was lucky to get a spot in Matriculation Perak. I then continued my medical degree in University Malaya and I am now having my 5th month housemanship in Sabah as a junior medical officer. Becoming a doctor has always been my ambition since primary school, I am grateful I was able to also be rewarded by scholarship.

TE: Having irregular work hours, how do you balance your time?

JY: We have a lot of work to do for our housemanship, you need to have a high adaptability especially when you wish to have a balanced lifestyle. Your sleep time are to be used for work and with pressures for your work performance. I believe having some good time with friends over good meals can help, I love food hunting with colleagues when we are able to after our shift. Sometimes I will to go the gym to sweat out while others might want to spend their day at home. I am again happy and grateful to have good superiors because they support us when we needed extra help or mentoring. Other than these, I am always looking forward to see my patients to make sure they are recovering.

Dr. Tan together with colleagues. (3rd from left - standing)

TE: Any tips or ideas to share with school leavers?

JY: Medical is a constant learning field, once you graduated and joined housemanship, you can become a medical officer then become a specialist which is normally through government setting. Other than these, you can go for exams too. It requires lot of ground works, so you should think more than just twice, whether or not you really want to become a doctor, you must be willing to work in a competitive yet stressful condition.

Dr. Tan together with colleagues. (2nd from right.)

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