In conjunction with Plastic Free July and their brand new Breeze Family Villas, Gayana Marine Resort decided to go plastic free! Another local resort committed to reducing their carbon footprint.

The first step is to ban plastic bottles, instead of using plastic bottle they will have beautiful pitcher of fresh (or infused!) water which is replenished daily. Gayana Marine Resort typically goes through 80,000 bottles of water a year. Now, each guest will be gifted with a refillable water bottle throughout their stay and the resort provides beverage stations with several choice of drinks.

Other than that, the resort will stop the use of plastic straws as it is one of the most common pieces of discarded single use plastic items (along with plastic cutlery,bottles, and plastic bags!) to wash up onto beaches around the world.

Last but not least, Plastic Free July challenge is to start composting in reducing waste. All organic waste from their kitchens, restaurants and bars are turned into compost which is later used as fertiliser in all their gardens.

Apart from the challenge, Gayana Marine Resort take a step further by encouraging the guests to get involved in No Plastic movement by doing hands on beach and ocean cleanups. It will be a fun and meaningful experience to both the guest and host.

Gayana Marine Resort conducted a research on planktons and clams. The plankton was dyed with red food coloring and then fed it to the clams. What happens next was the clams turn their color to red. Now imagine if these planktons are nanoplastics? Floating plastics waste that are exposed to UV radiation can break down to smaller pieces which then will be eaten by marine life. Most of these marine life will all land on our plate. Although some of their operation are still using single use plastic, but in taking up the No Plastic July Challenge, it is a big step for a resort of that kind. One step at a time in making the world a better and healthier tomorrow.

Facts about Gayana Marine Resort :

1. They are known as "Giant Clam people” because of their work through the Marine Ecology Research Centre (MERC) for Giant Clam propagation that have been going for 11 years and coral reef regeneration through a technology called biorock.

2. Gayana Marine Resort was build in a cove - it was entirely build by human strength with no heavy machines to minimise the impact to Flora and Fauna.

3. They are currently nursing 2 turtles for eating floating plastic bags that was mistaken for jellyfish.


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