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Łukasz Przybyłek from Poland quit his job in August 2015 and currently lives in Malaysia. He is an avid traveler who has been to 76 countries across the globe. It has been almost 3 years since he started his journey, and he picked up some traveling tips and tricks to make travel more enjoyable and affordable for himself and others.

Sabah Tea Garden, Borneo

1. It's all about timing!

Try to fly during midweek as the price of tickets are the cheapest during this period.

2. Don't book too early or too late

The best time to book a ticket is between 6-8 weeks before traveling.

3. Fly multi-city/transit

Taking multi-stop flights can make the ticket price cheaper in some cases compared to direct flights. Plus, it allows you to explore the city if the transit time is quite long.

4. Check a nearby airport price

For example, SIN or JHB airplane tickets might have a huge difference. You can just take the bus to the the next town, and this will make your travel much cheaper.

5. Fly one way

While using low cost carriers, consider buying a one way ticket. Other cheap airline might have a better rate for your flight back home.

6. Don't be scared of long layovers. They usually make your ticket cost less If you leave the airport on your layover, you'll have to go through security AGAIN to get to your second flight, but that should be the only long line you have to deal with.

7. Book directly

Other than it being cost convenient, both airlines and hotels offer loyalty bonuses and even additional perks for bookings made straight from them, but it can be subject to certain terms.

8. Start your journey in a bigger hubs

Ticket price for hubs like KLIA will be much cheaper compared to ticket from smaller airports like Penang.

9. Start fresh Clear you Internet history and cookies. Use a different web browser and incognito window to prevent browsers from recording or downloading what you visit. The goal is to make the airline think that you are just starting your search. And that they need to give you their best rate.

10. Change the point of sale

Sometimes, the exact journey ticket may have different price depending on the country/language version of the website you’re using. Keep it in mind and try your luck.

Website that are worth a try :

Volcano Bromo, Indonesia

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