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Professionalism in the Workplace

Majority of us spent much of our college days getting assignments done, trying different things and being a little irresponsible. Acting a little crazy or unprofessional may get you into trouble for getting a good grade. However, in the workplace, acting unprofessional can get you a few warning letters or even fired.

Professionalism is a complex component which can make a big difference in your quality as an employee or employer. It is the dependability from you to your company, to be able to self improve and get things sorted from a non personal perspective for the company's long-term health. There are some things that you just have to figure out or experience on your own. To seek for new knowledge, learn from mistakes and never have all the answers are very common in an organisation, that is what makes you as an employee be valuable to the company. Your employer was not born to be an employer either, he or she was once like you or worked harder than you ever wanted to. However, there are still employers out there expecting a fresh graduate with the right degree, to be as good as an experienced employee who may not even be a degree holder. On the other hand, there are employees reminding themselves that they hold a master's degree, they should ask less and be confident of what they were taught at school. No right or wrong here because it is all just a matter of time, it is always fun to start and difficult to maintain. Everything will be fine and on track as long as you are willing to accept and adapt change, gracefully and professionally.

This is also an interesting topic where the employee himself or herself has complete control whether or not to be professional or dedicated at work. If he or she choose to come to work with the negative energy due to personal or work issues, it will contribute a huge impact not just to the employee, co-workers and clients but also to the company. If personal or work issues took control of your attitude or work behaviour, it is your responsibility as an employee to either solved, get over it, stay focused or ask for consultation from your direct supervisor. It may be a stressful decision to make because you may not want your supervisor or co-workers to know that you needed these help, but on an employer's perspective, it is better to be transparent, problem solved rather than you not being able to solve it by yourself and contributing negative impact to your co-workers and the company's positive energy.

To be a good employee and be appreciated by your company, you will have to adapt and learn to work professionally. You will have to make sure you do your job well and be seen as a member within the organisation that can be relied on. Ask for help if you need or ask for guidance, but do not ask for answers on variable issues, do not expect your direct supervisor or employer to give you a list of what Yes and No, and you will have an easy work with no pressures or last minute decisions to be made. Because if that is the case, than there is no need for passionate employees because anyone could do it.

Khin is an entrepreneur and stock investor. He founded SJKV at the age of 20 while pursuing his university degree. Read more of his profile at : www.SJKV.org/founder

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