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Demi, a young practicing lawyer joined her family business after she graduated from Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia. She specialises in Corporate, Commercial and Islamic Banking & Conveyancing and very proud to be part of the family of Koh, Hiew & Partners, a senior legal firm, which has been in the industry for 32 years. Demi also travels extensively as she believes the world has so much to see.

Lawyer Demi Koh

Advocate & Solicitor

TE : How do you tackle stress?

DK : Stress is not something new for me as I have grown up in a family environment of mostly lawyers. As a lawyer, a lot of hard work comes together with the glamour, we take it at each strike. Treat it as a positive force but only to a certain degree and it can be motivating at times which will assist to keep our daily job interesting and challenging. In addition to the busy work environment, we must also make time to cultivate the important sources in our lives such as family and friends and socially. Make it a culture in a healthy way towards daily challenges.

TE : Tell us two ( 2 ) things you would do at the start of every work day?

DK : A good cuppa juice to freshen up the day, boost up my energy, cleanse my system, remove the toxins and then followed by another cuppa freshly brewed coffee, no sugar to further boost my spirit up to face a new demanding but enjoyable day. Each new day is a gift from god to which I am grateful.Then the morning will finish off with a very basic Tai Chi which I learned from my grandfather who is a Shaolin Kung Fu Master.

Also, the balancing factor of the Ying and Yang energies helps to a great extent towards balancing our emotional, mental and physical physique. When we meet a difficult client which can be quite a norm in our industry due to lots of deadlines, we should handle the situation like Tai Chi, the flow of water movements. And of course, do the best we can for our clients.

TE : Share us some tips on work-life balance.

DK : Generally being a lawyer, we are having too much work and too little time to cultivate important sources in our life. Thus, we must give and take. Focus only on those aspects that you can reasonably made some influence and cultivate effective time management such as making good decisions. There is a time for everything: time to work, time to play, time with family, time for your partner, time to exercise, time for travelling, connect with people and so forth. Different times for different things that matters to you in your life. Remember, most important of all, in order to love others and to contribute to the society, one must first love thyself. A healthy and firm minded person contribute best to work, family, social and community life. Understanding that greater balance in life can be created by starting in taking equal small steps in each aspect. We must learn to reward ourselves without restrict the development and maintenance of a personal life.

And I shall end this with:

“It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.”

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

- Confucius

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