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On the previous issue, I wrote about professionalism in the workplace. I encouraged fresh graduates and new employees to understand the reason for adapting and learning good ethics at work. It is so complex that we often took for granted that we are doing good and they are not good enough.

We, as human can not avoid mistakes, criticism or feedbacks from within the organisation and also the public. It is why as an employee or employer, we have to keep our focus on track and at least be professional. After recapping what was written in The Edupreneurs issue number 7, let me continue on the second part of What makes a good employee.

A good employee will invest themselves in taking heavier responsibilities or a more responsible position for the company's future. Accepting all calculated risks and failures to bring the company to a higher stage. He or she is prepared to solve problems, work more than the company would have expected. For them, regular tasks are just not enough to make them feel good or leave their comfort zone.

Being responsible and willing to go extra miles for both the employer and employee herself, a good employee must also be able self-motivate oneself. It is extremely important because you may be slowed by seeing all the hard work invested into a pool with others, while waiting for the result to appear, you may be discouraged, commented and pressured. As an employer for more than 6 years, I noticed those who are being promoted within the organisation are those that possessed good self-motivation skill, who can take initiative and get work done with little to no encouragement. It is not right for an organisation to have little to no encouragement towards their employees however, it is also difficult for an employer to always invest time to motivate and encourage every employees within the organisation. Time is money. Every boss loves employees that can drive the group with confidence and be a good image for others to look up on. Employees can only help an organisation if they want to help themselves for a better future, as easy as that, it makes a company innovative and energetic because those who runs it are running with ambition, passion and faith. It will unlock new ideas, feedbacks and openness amongst employees. Unfortunately, all these unlocked elements also carry some major risks. It can take a day or two for me to explain these problems and the solutions, so I decided to keep that for our next issue.

Khin is an entrepreneur and stock investor. He founded SJKV at the age of 20 while pursuing his university degree. Read more of his profile at : www.SJKV.org/founder

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