DREAMCATHERS : Life is Short and the World is Wide

Philippe Estiot and Iva Agüero, Dreamcatchers producer on top of their boat, Dali.

TE: Can you tell us about yourself?

Phil: I am 37 years old. I was born in France, my father is French and my mother is a German. I started working after I finished studying Business in Hong Kong. I traveled for a year and half. This is the first time I lived in a sail boat for 10 months and I decided this is the life I want, so I have to find a way to save some money to buy a boat. I decided to become an expatriate because it is the fastest way to save money. I worked in Kuala Lumpur for 6 years before I was able to buy a boat. Just 5 days before I quit my job, I met Iva.

Iva: I am 30 years old, I am from Argentina but I left my home country when I was 5 and have been living most of my life in Malaysia. My family settled in Kuala Lumpur in 1993. I went back to Argentina to study Advertising and Advance Management. I came back to Malaysia and started working in a big advertising agency. We did long distance for the first year we are together because he was at Phuket doing maintenance on the boat and I was still working with my agency. After my contract finished, instead of looking for a job right away, he asked me to come to the boat and see whether I like it or not. I told my mother I am going away for 2 weeks holiday after 2 weeks I said I am staying 2 more weeks and then I never came back.

TE: Living in a boat is challenging, how did you came out with the idea and what motivates you to do so?

We started sailing together in February 2012. In the first 2 years we would sail mostly in the west coast of Malaysia and Thailand. We would encounter our friends and former colleagues a lot by that time. We told them about our lifestyle, they told us it is great but they would never able to do it. It is a shame that we keep hearing a lot of barriers. We really wanted to encourage people and show them that anybody can pursue their dream. You just need to be determined. We started a travel blog that used to be for our friends and family. And then we went to India and we tried filming our experiences with our little camera for the first time and we realize how much we love filming. After we came back to India, we decided that the best way to show people that they can pursue their dream is to show example of people who have done it. So that is the beginning of Dreamcathers.

TE : Being only 2 person to manage the pre-production of Dreamcatchers, how do you guys organize your schedule?

Iva: We try to plan as much as we can but our lifestyle is unpredictable. We have a general schedule that we would follow. We try to reach out to people before we arrive if we don't have much time there. We try to be organize but you have to be open to changes of plan.

Kinabalu Summit

Kinabalu Summit

Pantai Kelinking

Pantai Kelinking

TE : When you started you TV show, what problems you usually encountered?

When we started our own production company, we did everything from pre-production up until production. We have a huge learning curve in how to film, learning how to use our tools, how to interview people the best way to make them feel at ease, learning how to make our messages the best way across. It is a good learning experiences and a lot of frustrations. We are still learning everyday.

TE : Having a large followers, how do you grow your social media?

We think it is changing so fast and it is hard to keep up, especially for us because we do so many things simultaneously. If you focus only on the social media, you can grow it organically by reaching out to other similar accounts and having a travel Instagram community. Once you follow the right accounts, they will support you and help you grow.. I think the main tip is consistency which is hard to keep up. If you have an Instagram account, people want to get the same messages from you at least once a day, ideally twice a day.

Blue Mast

Top of Krakatau

TE : Words to share for all the readers especially those who about to graduate.

Iva: Dont worry if you are working completely different with what you studied. Have good initiavite, dont be afraid of the unknown and dont stress too much about trying different experiences.

Phil: Not to be afraid of the unknown. Also have a good communication. For me, 50% is based on your hardwork and result and 50% is how you communicate with other people. To be succesfull you have to be emphathy, try to be part of the group, bring something positive, dont be shy, dont be arrogant, just be a nice person.

Don't worry if you are working completely different with what you studied. - Iva

Group photo of TE Editorial, Phil and Iva

Not to be afraid of the unknown. - Phil

photos by Andy Wan, Phil and Iva

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