UMS POST-GRAD : The Geologist Way

Louvis Ferrer Jefree, MSc Geology in UMS Photo : Sakura Science Exchange Programme, University of Tokyo

TE: Tell us about your daily routine as a master student.

L: I am a full-time master student and also working as a Research Assistant in UMS. I go to UMS everyday during weekdays for my research. Most of my researches are related to Sabah’s earthquakes and I’m working with satellite images using remote sensing software such as Geographic Information System (GIS) and geological software. I will also do a demonstration for undergraduate students. To enhance my research skills, I will do field investigation that usually takes 3-5 days including weekend. So basically, I’m working indoor and outdoor.

TE: How did you manage your time to achieve a balanced lifestyle?

L: I try to focus and positive as much as I can. I will have conversations with the lecturers because they always supported me and give me guidance. I avoid unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, or getting too distracted. Always do your best in everything such as utilising my time during working hour and try not to spend too much time browsing the internet for entertainment. Always pray to God and spend time with family.

Elystarina Indan, MSc Geology in UMS

Photo : During her Japan trip

TE: Tell us about your routine as master student.

E: To be honest, I do not have any strict daily routine. Since I am doing research, my time is flexible. I will go to university for internet access depending the projects I do. My research work needs me to do a lot of fieldwork and I need to explore outside of my research area. Going for MSc allows me to create my own timetable without being in a strict routine such as attending lectures, co-curriculum activities or sudden meetings. I try to have appointment with my supervisor as frequent as I can. He will coordinate my research, which will avoid me to deviate away from my research objectives. I will also keep in touch with the faculty and friends to keep me on track.

TE: How did you manage your time to achieve a balance lifestyle?

E: As a masters student, it is less stressful than having to follow a schedule. I will make time for my hobbies, socialising and exercising. Being a postgraduate student, I'm able to recognized my strengths and weaknesses. This way, I try to avoid adding extra burden into my life. Be humble, communicate frequently with your family, respect everyone, and pray to God are the few things I hold on to maintain my balance life.

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