TEDxUMSKAL : Creating a Place to Share Ideas and be Inspired

TE Editorial had the chance to interview the organizers for TEDxUMSKAL, the first TED talk in Labuan. Learn how they came up with the idea, the struggles and the reliefs after applying for this event for almost two years. Read on for the full interview.

TE: Can you tell us more about this event?

Jade: I did not think that we were able make this event happen. We have been preparing for nearly 2 years for this. We had not only been rejected by TEDx on licensing, but also were being doubted by our Student Welfare. Because this event is considered a huge deal for the school, it was usual for others to be worried. However, in the middle of this semester, on October 26th, we received an email stating that TEDx approved of our proposal. So we tried our best to make it happen within 2 months time.

Jocelyn: I am the Curator of this event. I am the one who is responsible for applying licenses for this event. We needed to get approval from both sides, TEDx and the Student Welfare. This made the experience to be much more complicated than I had anticipated. Since this event is the first ever TEDx event to be held in UMS as well as in Labuan, it has been difficult for us to find sponsors since it was new to most in Labuan.

TE: How did you guys plan and manage this event? Since this was the first time we organised this kind of event, we did not have any guidelines or examples to follow from our seniors and town. There were mistakes and lackings in this event, but we are still proud and happy with the committee for successfully pulling off this project. Especially after it being 2 years since applying.

TE: How did the organising committees choose their speakers? According to TEDx, the general rule is to find different speakers from different industries, which means it is not just entrepreneurs we needed to find, but people from various different fields such as scientists, artists and all the other professionals from other sectors needed to be chosen as well. The first thing we did was look for entrepreneurs since it is the easiest one to start with and that also helped us to eventually go into other sectors.

TE: What are the goals for this event? We hope that this event will become an annual event in UMSkal. According to UMSkal, there has never been an educational programme as such. All of the previous events were for out of programme purposes only. We wanted to bring something that is new and informative so that we are able to contribute for students' development. We hope next time we can invite international speakers to speak in Labuan. Our time was limited and we were short on budget since TEDx is not that well known here yet. We hope that we will be able to go further for our juniors next time.

TE: Do you have any advice for those who may be planning for events like this? We hope that they will find more speakers, make it even bigger and better. We also hope that they will stick to our idea of an educational approach and make it a place to share ideas and be inspired.

*photo credit to Redzwan and TEDxUMSKal Multimedia team

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