What is The Edupreneurs (TE)?
Our unique approach and mission is to help youth in preparing for a better transition from student to being an employee as well as supporting talented and passionate individuals to reach their career goals.

An individual with qualifications and/or practical skills.

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Career Direction.

The Edupreneurs (TE)

An online platform focusing on education and career. TE is designed to connect the passionates with available opportunities, especially creative and rare opportunities. We believe the connection between both the students and employers are crucial. It enables students to have a clearer idea of their future pathway and mutual benefit to both. Our vision and mission is to encourage and create opportunities for undergraduates, fresh graduates and also the talented.  We are always on the move to organise meaningful events and publish interesting coverage that allow not just students with outstanding academic background but also those with extraordinary talents and the passionates. 

Quick Facts

  • "TE" The Edupreneurs.

  • TE was once publishing magazines no less than 6 times annually.

  • TE currently reaching more than 70 institutions via e-articles and social media sites.


  • To be the point of reference and a platform in East Malaysia for students on career education and talent development.


  • To empower and help to identify talent and passion by integrating career-focused education.

  • To Inspire, guide and motivate undergraduates and graduates on career development.


  • To promote early career pathway planning and preparation.

  • To connect career opportunities.

  • To collaborate with institutions and corporates to create meaningful programmes.

  • To support, motivate and encourage talented and passionate individuals.